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How to Make an Easy Diet Pizza Dough

Author: David

An inexpensive and simple food, Pizza is definitely the reason why Pizza parlours make so much money selling these slices of heaven. Although, Pizza is a meal you can create at home, and you do not have to buy and keep Pizza bases for when you get that craving.

If you surf the world wide web it’s easy to locate recipes and methods for creating all types of Pizza dough. Examples are; half wheat pizza dough, thin pizza dough, herby pizza dough, and the popular crispy pizza dough. Think of a dough crust, and someone probably makes it. Unfortunately most of those Pizza Dough Recipes need you to spend anywhere up to twenty-four hours to prepare. In my mind Pizza is only a convenience food if its fresh and quick, and in this case an easy diet Pizza recipe. Forward planning shouldn’t be a part of the experience. Kneading for ages and waiting patiently for it to ferment, no thanks! Thankfully I have a better way and best of all its an easy diet method.

When I get the craving for a Pizza, I can’t wait, but it’s got to be fresh, quick, low fat, low cal and high in stomach filling fibre! However, if dough mixture needs time to rise, how can it be made quickly? Well guess what, my recipe is speedy and simple to create in your very own kitchen, and you only need a few ingredients: olive oil, whole wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, and my secret ingredient (read on).

A technique in creating an easy Pizza dough fast, is using rapidly rising yeast. Using this special yeast has the ability to cut your pizza dough prep’ time from up to twenty-four hours to only thirty minutes. In that thirty minutes, you have the time to cut up and select all the toppings you would like on the Pizza, failing that just relax for 30 minutes, “chuckle“.

Step-by-Step Recipe:

1. You need one cup of hot tap water (not boiling). Get a large mixing bowl, pour the hot water in, and then add a teaspoon of salt and a packet of the rapid rising yeast. Mix it all together with a fork.

2. Slowly mix in 2 cups of whole wheat flour, and 1 tablespoon of my secret ingredient - powdered psyllium husk. The husk is tasteless and high in fibre. In the beginning, the mixture will combine quickly. Then the mixture will get too thick to use the fork, that’s when you start using your hands. It can get a little fiddly. If it gets a bit gooey, keep a little extra spare flour on the side.

3. When your kneading the dough it might stick to your hands, to prevent this dust the hands with the spare flour, then resume kneading the dough. Keep repeating the process until it forms a ball and it doesn’t stick. In an ideal world, you need to use as little extra flour as achievable to make this occur.

4. Now cover the outside of the dough ball with a tablespoon of olive oil, it just makes it a bit easier to handle. Get a clean kitchen towel and cover the dough ball, then leave for half an hour.

5. After 30 minutes roll out the dough ball with a rolling pin, roll it out on big baking sheet, or something equivalent like a pizza stone. When finally making this Pizza base it’s better to have the thin and crispy style, to achieve this make sure you roll it out as thin as practically possible. But don’t make it so thin if splits apart.

What make this an easy diet Pizza is the speed, high fibre, and comparatively lower calories. The combination of Psyllium husk and whole wheat flour adds lots of indigestible fibre making it filling and nutritious.

That’s all there is to it! Fast, easy diet Pizza dough that’s delicious.

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